Our Imagination

“Imagination rules the world.”

Since 2017 we design brands for small and big companies around the world we bring your message to the masses by making clean design.

Our talent

Each member of our company is like the chaine’s link , to make the magic happen

our talent

With you
from A to Z

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Because we take it to heart to deliver a custom made event production service, we have at our disposal a 2 000 m2 storage space where we store basic furniture, we build custom made furniture and decoration, we create floral concepts etc…

Before your event, we completely deal in-house with the preparation of the decoration, furniture, entertainment, production and lighting which provide us more flexibility and a better understanding of the stakes when it comes to organizing an event.

Here it is! The D day is coming! At Gala Organisation, our priority is to be here for you during the event, to manage and supervise in order to make sure that everything goes as planned.

From set up of the furniture, setting, flower design to the live entertainment production, we are here for you to release your tensions, allow you to enjoy the event and make sure that…